Hey followers. I love you oodles, but I’ve kind of been struggling with some really icky demons lately, and I’m trying to push past that. So until that smooths over a bit, MST is on temporary hiatus. I really do love you all and your support is super wonderful. I know I’ll get through this and be back to bring you even more misandry soon enough!



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Misandrist Sex Tip #43

Add some intimacy to your next bedroom romp by revealing your true identity as Xena. Then leave him to find your Gabrielle and fulfill your destiny as an Amazonian warrior princess.

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Misandrist Sex Tip #42

Tell him you voted for Obama. This is largely considered the ultimate in Election Day foreplay.

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Misandrist Sex Tip #41

If he tells you that your misandry offends him, tell him that his gender’s systematic oppression and persecution of others over the course of thousands of years offends you.

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windchimesandsmoke asked: What you said was pretty shitty but I'm glad that you came around and decided to apologize. Especially since you're sincere about it. That counts in my book at least. *pats shoulder* Hope your day tomorrow is a bit less bumpy.

disneyprettyprincess asked: to be the absolute most ignorant person to ask you a question, why the fuck does it matter what you post? no one HAS to follow you. you don't HAVE to censor yourself on YOUR blog. i mean, what in the actual fuck? what is wrong with people? (i had more to say but i forgot, too busy hating men and such).

I know it might seem that way, but a lot of people of all different kinds of identities come to this blog for a laugh and some happiness at the end of a long day smashing the patriarchy, and I do my best to include them and make them all feel welcome. But I’m privileged, and I’m still learning, and sometimes I don’t understand the implications of what I’m saying or how it can be misinterpreted. I’ve let a bunch of people down tonight, I do not expect forgiveness for it, and I am very sorry for what I did.

I would like to apologize to my followers

for the response I gave to the last anon. It was ignorant and stupid and I am sorry. I’ve done enough damage so I’ll be logging off for the night.

Anonymous asked: (TW:) I had a lot of sexual abuse as a kid and I tell everyone I date before I date them. But only if I think I'll have an actual relationship with them and not just dating casually. So far every guy I have told has been okay with me and done certain things I have asked of them. (Like if we are watching a movie I haven't seen and they know there is rape in it to tell me and let me know when it is or to allow me to veto the movie completely.) Is this normal for guys or am I just picking good men?

[t.w.: sexual abuse]

I’m glad you asked this question because I wondered about that myself for a while (my ex was very supportive after I confided in him about my ordeal, and I wondered whether I’d just gotten lucky with him). Now it just makes me want to cry and throw things because I hate living in a world where we have to ask ourselves these questions. I know that there are plenty of others with similar questions, and this is what I have to say about it: it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s “normal.” Do not accept anything less than someone who is supportive and respects ALL of your boundaries. If we all adhere to this, good men will raise more good men, and eventually assholes and idiots who do not respect others will become a teeny tiny minority. And we can all like, get together and throw tomatoes at them or something.

Anonymous asked: Similar to the ask about unrequited love, but from the other person's perspective. I've got a guy friend who wants me, bad, and has made it very apparent. He asks me out a lot and I politely turn him down. He's harmless, it just gets annoying when he complains about the friendzone like I'm choosing to not be attracted to him. I can't break him cause I need a ski buddy this winter but seriously, I need him to quit being so pathetic about it. Advice?

Oi…that’s tough :( Personally, I think you should introduce him to MST, but that might be a bit harsh. I’d say be frank. Tell him that you enjoy his friendship and that you both still need a ski buddy, but his constant solicitations and complaints make you feel uncomfortable. Then talk it out.

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